Tuesday, November 18, 2008

half hour to midnight.

I just wrote in Delilah's birthday card that we will give to her tomorrow. I didn't have near enough room, but here is what I wrote:
Dear Delilah,
I can't believe I have only been your mama a year. I feel like I have known you forever.
I love the way you laugh when I tickle your thigh as you nurse. I love that you found this card and immediately tore it in half, and yet you are so gentle while reading our Salvadore Dali coffee table book. I love how you watch your daddy add spices to dinner from your spot in the sling as if you are taking mental notes. I love that you give and "that baby in the mirror" kisses on demand. I love that you adore animals--especially kitties. I love that you have a temper and stubborn streak to match your beautiful, red hair. I love that you already have a yarn fetish. I love your obsession with chairs just your size. I love that birthing you was the hardest thing I have ever done, and raising you, the Greatest.
I love that you are mine.
Love, Mama

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