Friday, April 30, 2010

save New York homebirths.

tonight at midnight, New York City women will lose their right to choose. i have a friend due at anytime who will have to birth illegally after tonight. please email or call.

Here is the info, as stated by Choices in Childbirth:

At midnight tomorrow, April 30th, the majority of New York City’s home birth midwives will no longer be able to practice legally. Unless immediate action is taken by the Governor and the NYS Department of Health the women that these midwives serve will be denied access to a home birth with their chosen provider and these providers will no longer be able to practice legally in NYS.

YOU MUST ACT NOW to save the home birth option for New York Women:
  • 311 (if outside NYC, call
  • Wendy Saunders, Executive Deputy Commissioner for the NY State Department of Health, appointed by Governor Paterson. 518-474-8390
  • Larry Mokhiber, he Secretary of the Board of Midwifery (518-474-3817, extension 130)
And say….
With the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital, half of the licensed, highly trained home birth midwives serving NYC have lost their Written Practice Agreement (WPA). St Vincent’s was the only hospital in the city supportive of a woman’s right to choose a home birth and willing to sign a WPA. In the weeks since it’s announced closure, these midwives have reached out to hospitals and obstetricians all across the city looking for support, with no success. Please help us to save the homebirth option in New York.
We are in our final hours!
Please forward this post and help us flood 311 and the Governor’s office with calls supporting home birth.
And while you’re at it, please sign our petition supporting the Midwifery Modernization Act which will remove the WPA from the midwifery law effectively removing this barrier to accessing midwifery care.

Courtroom Mama
Mary Catherine Hamelin--Doula
Marvelous Kiddo

i heart homebirth.

Fix-It Friday #52

just burning, cloning and an s-curve really. great sooc.

okay...saw others being creative... #2...
lilyblue haze and TRA flareup faded.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

just because my pictures come out pretty, doesn't mean the day was pretty.
archie is teething or something, so i sit on the couch all day while he nurses or screams. delilah knows i am stuck on the couch and uses the opportunity to get into all the things she knows she's not supposed to touch.
like emptying a bag of Lays all over the floor. eating from my easter basket. taking all the pie pieces out of Trivial Pursuit. and strewing all the camera equipment all over the floor.
and archie just won't let me put him down.

but for 15minutes, i get this:

oh and this happened for enough time for a picture:

just some snaps.


i gifted myself a pro flickr account on my old (redundant) flickr account.

look at fun with my D60, baby delilah, random snaps. i love looking at baby delilah. but i think i'm biased...

how awesome was my p&s skills:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i got a new camera. the big instax! composing is awkward with it at the moment--but i went through the same learning curve with my mini. i wish i had more film.

married. finally.

i finally have proof i got married--i really only wanted a wedding for the photos. and of course i ended up in one of those dramariffic wedding photographer horror stories.
we paid good photographer prices for a shoot and burner. luckily, they came with rights so i edited them myself. we just got them. this took place in sept. 06. we haven't gotten the album yet.
the exif data on these made no sense. she must not have known what she was doing. i think she knew film okay--some people should stick to film.

Monday, April 26, 2010

red rock park.

i am second shooting for these adorable kids' dad at a wedding in July, so we got together in leesburg to practice some flash.
i ended up with only one flash pic i liked, but i did get some adorable natural light photos--of his kids anyway!

mine is a bit over the whole camera/smile/stand still thing.
more on my flickr!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

archie's first baseball game.

we love the president's club seats that brian's office gets. we only had two this time, so delilah stayed home.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fix-It Friday #51


Opened in PS: color adjustment cuves w/ dropper in corner of eye, slight s-curve, curves to warm it up, little eye pop, i tried paint the blown spots in, and then burned the background and ran portraiture all over (low opacity on the girl)

it is so hard to edit without knowing what someone looks like in person lol.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bub bulls

that's how she say's it. perfectly enunciated. it's adorable.
ol' pappy bought it as a surprise. he told her he had gotten a surprise for her and she said "prize me!" over and over until he brought it out. she really loves bubbles.

who is that big boy?

i feel like he has started getting bigger before my eyes...especially since we are cutting and scanning brian's 35mm tonight. lots of n00b archie in these rolls.

holga and expired film.

delilah is a daddy's girl

and she much prefers him, so i cherish any picture i find of the two of us.
brian took this in the snow this winter--i just found it since i'm on his computer scanning negatives.

Monday, April 19, 2010

long live analog.

lots of scanning to do tonight! we got some mail!
the medium format is mine from my holga, the logo boxes are Brian's slide film and the brown boxes are Brian's 35mm.

just from looking at the negatives, i see that i have no idea where to stop when advancing my holga! i do not think they will end up shaped right.

it's like 60 degrees out! i need a hat!

delilah must be used to our recent 80 degree days, she insisted she needed a knit wool hat for the intense cold. i must concur, i was feeling pretty chilly myself!

she gave me two quick grins in exchange for putting the camera away.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

easter eve.

i forgot to blog about our trip to Cox Farms the day before easter. we thought it would be a lot more fun, but D felt sick, hungry and tired. she didn't want to be put down. i had archie in a sling and it was really sunny--plus the frowny toddler = frustrating photo op.

but Just Say Cheese-It blogged about a cool collage maker. so i can finally blog about the day and still be lazy. (yeah, these are all actioned.)

my laundry/pantry room is clean. w00t.

o hai.
we sent D off with my inlaws to a family wedding this weekend, so Brian, A and I had fun cleaning out out pantry, decluttering, grocery shopping and just walking around toddlerless.
no, i'm not uber cool and have a clothesline in that room. it's for line drying freshly developed negatives.

i had also wanted to take A's four month portraits, but totally forgot. i took him out today in a sweater (spud & chloe yarn) that Brian had *just* finished. the sun came out as soon as we got out there and it was just too cold for my lil boy. so that was a bust.

i got these while i was metering.

Friday, April 16, 2010

droid does. take okay pics.

if you get the right app. the picture of our snowpocalypse victims is with Vignette.
as is this picture of one of my favorite stores. needs a border :/

CameraFx is free and takes really cool pics on the toy setting.

Fix-It Friday #50


fun stuff!
i fixed the under exposure, wb, orange skin, and blemishes in LR.

then i brought it into PS and did an S-curve, reduced the blacks, and ran Portraiture.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

how do you upload pics to your blog?

i need to figure out a way to upload pics so they aren't clickable/ do i have to host everything on flickr?

i really do NOT want my childrens' images stolen. even if just for role playing message boards.

ETA: i am figuring out the html. disabled right click and left click on my pictures.