Friday, February 19, 2010

i'm a joiner!

but only because keli is one of my favorite flickr peoples.
i participated in Fix-it Friday

And here is Mine.
LR: i upped exposure all over and selectively even more on the girl. brightened and reduced noise. made it more vibrant,
CS4: Portraiture on entire pic at 30% since i don't own noiseware. warmed, boosted midtones, brightened, and took out some magenta from the neutrals. burned and sponged the background a tad.

then i wanted some oomph but just could not find anything that didn't look cheesy. so i just ran TRA Get Faded (Winter) at 65%

Looks like so much, but didn't take any time really.


  1. i love it!!! i love how you popped the exposure up without making her look crazy white :)

    thank you for doing this just for me (or emma, lol)


  2. thanks :) i always plan to do them all, but it's saturday by the time i think about it lol