Friday, April 9, 2010

april weather makes me happy. ugly navels do not.

yesterday was the first day that we've been able to all get out in the fresh air. archie has never been out in warm weather! he loved the breeze on his body! i was also having some fun with my new 105mm lens.

i haven't been as into cloth diapers this time, so archie shares with delilah. luckily, i don't really believe in assigning gender to babies, so he gets to rock styles like this:

funny and gross: i have been worried that archie has an umbilical hernia because his navel is just...ugly. sticks out a bit and is discolored. i asked a friend and she said it looked nothing like she had seen, so it probably wasn't. brian asked the doctor and guess where his birth mark is! ew! it's an outie with increased melanin--maybe from the bili lights on that wound as a newborn. poor kid.

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  1. If it's any comfort, my son has an umbilical hernia and it's never been discolored. It just looks like he has an outie, only worse. (Thankfully, it's gotten better as he got older.) So i'm thinking it's just discolored or like the doc said a birthmark! I'm sure it will fade with time. It still is really cute though, like the rest of him! (And totally digging the pony diaper!)