Friday, July 9, 2010

Fix-It Friday #61

i just got Florabella Spring actions I and II and also the new Luxe ones, so i thought this was the perfect pic for some playing. original-->LR edit -->blossom-->daisy.
and yes, even when i use actions they end up just looking all alike in my own style.


  1. Nice! All three are great, but the last one is my favorite! I've been so tempted to buy Florabella actions! Did you apply these directly to the original photo to get these results, or did you do other corrections first?

  2. i ran the actions on top of the LR edit. i like to take all the pics into LR so i can get a perfect wb and exposure--and then i do the fun editing.

    i think i played with the opacity of the actions and did some simply burning on the background.